Proclaiming the Living Word through Worship Music: ALIVE!

     "Crucified with Christ, we no longer live, but Christ lives in us" Galatians 2:20

Through the blending of the traditional and the contemporary, ALIVE seeks to lead a worship experience that points to the Living Word Himself. Whether they be leading the congregation in singing or sharing encouragement through solos and duets, the members of ALIVE hope that they are invisible so that Christ may be seen and heard.


FIRST CD RELEASED! Alive - In Worship

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Mandy Litzke 

Mandy's gentle and yet powerful desire to honor the Lord is demonstrated as she leads in worship and ministers through vocal music. Mandy and her husband Dave have 16 children - 2 biological and 14 internationally adopted. Their joy of how God can pull a family together through the adoption process has led to the formation of Safe Harbor Ministries which seeks to make Christians aware of how His heart and our hands can make a difference in orphans' lives. 


Staci Rumple 

Staci has been singing for as long as she can remember. The Church of the Nazarene has been her home throughout her life. Ms. Rumple is a 1998 graduate of Mount Vernon Nazarene University.
In 2005, Staci was able to release her first CD, titled From The Heart. The work is appropriately named since her desire is to live each day for the Lord who she loves with all her heart.


Christin Ferguson

Christin is ALIVE's newest member.  She first ministered with the group during a renewal gathering in March, 2008. 

Her love of music goes back to her childhood years, where her training on the piano began.  Through the encouragement of a hard-working high school band director, Chrisin's talents today include vocal, trumpet, and french horn.  A call to music ministry came in August, 2006.  She currently serves as Minister of Music at the New Hampshire, OH  Church of the Nazarene.

She and her husband Jason live in Russells Point, OH.  Christin and Jason have two daughters, Hailee and Jolee.




Internships and Short Term Service

Life Through The Word Ministries constantly seeks to involve people in Kingdom service.  ALIVE carries out this principle by inviting others to be apart of the worship team for short term service.
During recent years these individuals have included: 
  • Amy Davis – Her keyboard and vocal skills were a special blessing to us and to the people of  eastern Kentucky and Marysville. 
  • Jordan Eggleston – The talented drummer, who is a graduate of Olivet Nazarene University, has contributed for three years when ALIVE has ministered at conventions and camp meetings. 
  • Joel Herr – Following graduation from high school, Joel served as a full-time intern for six months. In June through November 2008 he travelled with LTWM all over Ohio, down to Mississippi and Georgia, and into Kentucky. Joel is currently studying performance guitar in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Ashley Brown - Her high school years included playing drums with ALIVE at a holiness camp meeting.                                                                      
  • Mike Griffith - His story of God's amazing grace always shines through when Mike plays guitar. His spirit and talents have periodically contributed to the music ministry for more than two years.       
  • James Mendenhall - An associate pastor who plays a variety of guitars, Jim has been a part of the team at camp meetings.