What Others are Saying

What's Being Said About Bob Flint

"Rev. Bob Flint has a passion for the proclamation of God's Word. He is also especially concerned about spiritual formation in the lives of those called to leadership in the Body of Christ. You will be blessed by the positive impact Bob's ministry makes in local churches. I enthusiastically recommend him to you as an evangelist."

Dr. Paul Whiteford, Senior Pastor, Church of the Nazarene, Marysville, Ohio.

"Rarely does one find in a revival preacher the passion of an evangelist, the heart of a pastor, and the insight of a scholar. Rev. Bob Flint brings these gifts, graces, and more to the table. It is evident in his preaching, but even more in his presence. His love for God and people of all ages shines through every message, and every moment! It is a privelage to consider him my friend and to recommend him to you as an evangelist/revivalist/teacher for any "special meetings" setting."

Rev. Charles A Nutt, President, Sebring Interdenominational Holiness Camp Meeting

"I highly recommend Rev. Bob Flint. In more than one setting we've worked together in revival emphasis. Rev. Flint is a faithful expositor of the Word. You'll feel very comfortable with his pulpit presence. What I appreciate the most about Rev. Flint is his friendship. He comes to the pulpit with a clear message tempered by a compassionate pastor's heart. Give him a call and work out a revival date. You'll be glad you did!"

Rev. Larry Hall, Senior Pastor, Church of the Nazarene, Urbana, OH

I am most pleased to recommend Bob Flint and Life Through the Word Ministries to your local church. Bob's preaching is biblical, well-organized, relevant, and interesting. I was in a service recently where Bob had preached, and at the time of invitation many quickly came forward to pray without any pressure tactics. It was obvious he had been effectively used of the Lord. Bob is a team player, a pastor supporter, positive in attitude, gracious in spirit. I like him and believe you will too."

Geoff Kunselman, Superintendent, Northwestern Ohio District, Church of the Nazarene

"A powerful time of renewal! People are still talking about the services. The preaching was truly annointed as Bob spoke directly to the hearts and minds of the church, inspiring and challenging us to stand against the flow of this world. We look forward to a return visit."

Roger Blough, Pastor, Church of the Nazarene, Bryan, OH

"Rev. Bob Flint is truly a man of one book - the Bible. His messages are clearly communicated. Timely and timeless truth is proclaimed from God's Word. God effectively uses him to bring the eternal Word to eternity-bound people with relevance and authority.

Dr. Steve Ruby, Lead Pastor, First Church of the Nazarene, Ashland, KY

What's Being Said about ALIVE

It is my previlege to send along a hearty recommendation for Life Through the Word's ALIVE Worship Team. Not only will you find them to have servant hearts, who understand that their call is to live up Christ, but they are talented! You will be edified and encouraged by their ministry, and it will complement the preaching ministry of your revival or special service. Your people will experience being led into the presence of God and be changed by His power and grace!
Dr. Steve W. Ruby, Lead Pastor, First Church of the Nazarene, Ashland, Kentucky