Translating God's Word into Action By Caring for Orphans

The purpose of Safe Harbor Adoption Ministries is to increase awareness of the many orphans in our world and to encourage Christians to respond in love and faith:  thus making a difference in the lives of these children.  Whether it be adoption, financial support, prayer support or encouragement…We are called to look after the orphans.

How Can Safe Harbor Help Your Organization?
Can make a difference…
an ETERNAL difference.
  • Increase awareness of orphans and opportunities to serve.
  • Educate Christians in areas of families (prayer, financial, encouragement, and love)
  • Provide information and assistance for families who may be interested in the adoption process.
  • Start an orphan ministry through your organization

If you desire to have Safe Harbor Ministries come and share contact Mandy Litzke.
Mandy shares the story of their faith journey; The Safe Harbor Kids (Dave and Mandy’s children) share in song.  In whatever way our family ministers our prayer is that all hearts would be connected to God’s.  When that occurs HIS passion ultimately becomes OUR passion.