Bob Connects With Former Students
A great delight of the Spring 08 revival schedule had Bob leading a renewal effort at two churches whose pastors are his former students.

bob_pastor_carol_1.jpg Through the Northwest Ohio District Nazarene Ministry Development Center Carol Tumbleson and John Heuring began their pursuit of ordination.  Carol's completion of the course of study was accomplished on that OH district.  John completed his studies on the Maine District.

Carol pastors the Countryside Church of the Nazarene, Willshire, OH.  Prior to that she served as an associate pastor in Payne, Ohio.  Ordained in 2006.  She is investing in Kingdom building at a church very close to where she grew up.  LTWM's weekend at Willshire was a time of encouragement.  The people of the Countryside Church were inspired, but a further highlight for Bob was seeing Pastor Carol fulfill God's calling on her life.  Though her years of preparation included times of opposition and great challenge, her perserverence motivated her peers in the classroom.  The past two years have been filled with change.  Let's agree to pray for Carol as the Holy Spirit reminds us. 

Dixfield, ME is where John and Pat call home.  Having been in Maine for four years, John has been pastor at the Dixfield Nazarene Church for two of those years.  John's story is a thrilling one.  Bob's priviledge was to be the instructor for Pastor John's first class in the course of study.  During a meeting prior to that class with Bob, John explained how he was unable to read and write. Heeding Bob's advise to "Never QUIT!" John completed his course work in May 2007.  He was ordained on May 15, 2008.


A highlight for Bob during the renewal gathering in Dixfield was worshipping our gracious God as
John read the account of Pentecost to his congregation.  It is true-NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!
John and Pat are a unique couple that God is using in a unique way.  In our hearts let's continue to exhort them to NEVER QUIT advancing the Kingdom.