Junior Higher Catches What Christlike Vision Really Is

During a recent revival, 14-year old Ashley listened intently as Bob preached from the Sermon on the Mount. 

At school the following day this young follower of Jesus penned a writing that connected Christ's words and the world where she lives. What you see is the original work of this young lady.

What Do you Really See?

Don't you ever wonder, what human beings think
For example, a shadow, that cast in front of me
The rain, that glissens, until it shatters, on the ground
A person that smiles until of which they are brought down.

Why hurt, why deceitful, why discouraged, do you see?
For all along the answer lie in front of you and me
People are predjudice, they are mean, but if they new of one thing.

The Bible, a path, and if was followed, would make the world sing.
It hurts me to know that people like me are hurt every day.
If people stopped, didn't judge and listened to what they had to say
What people saw would be different ...
just like having new eyes.
More benevolence, more friends, and best of all, less cries.

What a way to live! 
  "The Bible a path to be followed"
  "Having new eyes...more benevolence, more friends and less cries."