Kids Can Catch Up and Have Fun
kids_-_silver_hose.jpg Bryan, OH Church of the Nazarene invested the summer interrupting the gap that may grow when a child falls behind at school. Children’s pastor Marianne McCord directs a 3-day a week, 6-week ministry adventure. The faith-based camp called REACH has a goal of providing academic support and life skills to children entering 1st and 2nd grades.

Three ladies who are a part of the LTWM family served as staff members for one week of REACH – Charlene Flint, Charissa Rankin, and Chelsea Huff. The three school teachers gave a portion of their summer break working with the congregation that offers ministry that is “open to Bryan students of any faith.” Mrs. McCord and Pastor Roger Blough’s vision is “to just seek a way to meet needs in the community.”