Bob Flint

Bob and Charlene married on June 24, 1978.

  The Flints have two adult children, and five grandchildren.

At the close of a busy day as a youth pastor and seminary student, Bob spent time reading and reflecting on the Bible’s longest chapter.  Since that late evening in 1979, Psalm 119 has been a favorite passage, especially vs. 97 – “Oh, how I love your law!  I meditate on it all day long.”

Like nearly all the other 176 verses of this Psalm, this verse contains a reference to God’s Word.  Like a drumbeat the message reverberates – THE VALUE OF GOD’S WORD.  When we give the Bible its proper value, our lives begin to reflect stability (vs. 98), insight (vs. 99), and maturity (vs. 100). 

Wherever he is and whatever the task may be, Bob’s prayer is that the Word permeates his life and the lives of others.

All the grandkids together – Nothing better!

Bob’s Philosophy of Ministry

Ephesians 4:11-13
The Body of Christ is to be a healthy body. To enable health to be a reality, Christ has given His called people a variety of gifts (vs. 11). The mission I have been called to reflects the spiritual gift mix that has been graciously given – a teaching evangelist. The passion that provides motivation and direction is a love for the principles of scripture that draws people into an intimate relationship with God.

As this intimacy with God is nurtured, the God-ordained goals of my life unfold. As a teaching evangelist, I have been called “to prepare God’s people for service” (vs. 12a). As servants are developed, “the body of Christ is built up” (vs. 12b). Moving toward a fullness of Christ is seen when individuals within the body are following the leadership that points to unity and the insights that enhance maturity.


Pastoral and Evangelism Ministries, Church of the Nazarene

  • 16 years as Commissioned / Registered Evangelist
  • 14 years as Lead Pastor
  • 11 years as Associate Pastor in areas of discipleship, administration and youth

Teaching Ministries, Church of the Nazarene

  • Instructor, Nazarene Ministry Development Center, St. Marys, Ohio
  • Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Mount Vernon, Ohio

All of us are proud to be MVNU graduates!

Bob’s Preaching & Teaching

Listen to some of Bob’s recent messages.

Meet Bob in person

*June 27- Glen Carbon, IL – Glenview Nazarene

*July 4 – Glen Carbon, IL – Glenview Nazarene

*July 8-11 – Sebring, OH Camp Meeting

*July 15-17 – Illinois District Nazarene – Decatur 1st

*July 18 – Glen Carbon, IL – Glenview Nazarene

*July 25 – Glen Carbon, IL – Glenview Nazarene

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